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Seeing This In The Middle Of The Street Just Made My Day. It Needs To Be EVERYWHERE.

Very few people have what it takes to be an artist professionally. There are even fewer people who are capable enough to spontaneously create art on the street or in other public venues. Oak Oak, however, is a French artist who can do just that. He takes the seemingly normal or mundane on the street and transforms it. He entertains passers by with his art, which is whimsical, silly and sometimes just a little bit strange. This is the kind of art you wouldn’t be likely to forget if you just saw it in the middle of the street.

The artist sees little people and faces everywhere.


Sometimes, they’re not doing so well.

He also draws inspiration from cartoons like Futurama.

Or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Randomly seeing this kind of stuff would make most people’s day.

Even if it’s a little weird.

Oak Oak sees whimsy in the mundane.

He also draws inspiration from The Simpsons.

His art is the best.

Source: Oak Oak His hilarious and imaginative street art makes the urban environment a better place. Who wouldn’t love seeing a little bit of silliness whilst on their commute to a 9-5 job? If you liked his art, share it. Hopefully it’ll inspire others to make the world as silly as Oak Oak sees it.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/creative-street-art-oak-oak/

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