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So There’s An Igloo Village In The Mountains Of Europe. And It’s So Much Better Than You Think.

Iglu-Dorf, or Igloo Village, is a German company that owns and operates (you guessed it) igloo villages in parts of Europe in the mountains. You can rent a room in one of their igloos during the winter, experiencing nature from a delicate and beautiful environment. Every year, they use 3,000 tons of snow at six locations in the Alps and the Pyrenees to construct their villages. At first I thought this might be lame, but then I realized there would be hot tubs, ice bars and fur-covered beds. Awesome.

At first, this may not look like much.

Nothing to see here, just a few holes in the snow…

But this is actually an Iglu-Dorf village, where people pay to stay in some of the coolest (HA) igloos around.

Don’t worry, though, there are plenty of ways to stay warm during your stay.

The villages are great for romantic get-aways or a fun, family experience.

Sleeping in a snow-hole may sound terrible at first, but remember, there will be hot tubs.

Lots of hot tubs.

Plus, when the sun goes down the entire resort will light up.

If you love winter sports, staying at one of these igloos in the mountains would be perfect for you.

Not to mention a really cool time.

Although, the cold, cold bathrooms may take some getting used to.

If you’d like to book an igloo, use Iglu-Dorf’s online reservation system. If you’re anything like me, though, you’ll just happily stay inside under a blanket and then look at sweet pictures from the resort. Source: iglu-dorf.com

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