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There’s Nothing Worse Than A Photo You Love Getting Destroyed. Here’s How 13 People Fixed Them.

People say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but what happens when those pictures decay or are destroyed over time? There is a place on the social media site Reddit.com that is dedicated to restoring meaningful photos to their former glory… for free. These online good samaritans help people restore their precious keepsakes for nothing but a thank you.

Below are the requests that were posted and then the “after” photos. Some are very impressive restorations.

“My beloved 87 year old grandmother passed away yesterday. The funeral is on Saturday and It would mean the world if someone could restore this photo of her for the service.”

“A photo of my friend that his parents would like to use at his commemoration.”

“Please help. I want to restore this photo of my grandparents for my father.”

“Could someone please restore these 1920s photos of my grandfather?”

“My parents in the 40s as teenagers. Mom passed away and I want to restore for my Dad.”

“I want to display some family wedding photos at my wedding in March. This is a picture of my great-grandparents on their wedding day.”

“My Mum wants to make something in the memory of her dad, but the images aren’t clear. Please help!”

“My great-grandmother as a child in 1905. Want to restore for my mother.”

“A friend posted this picture of his family on Facebook. Would anyone be willing to clean/fix it?”

“My brother passed away in 2005 and this is the first time I have ever seen this photo of us with our dad. I would love to show this to my parents all cleaned up. Please help!”

“Grandma Passed away Saturday morning. Going through old photos, mom and aunt are bummed this pic got ruined.”

“Favourite picture of my dad. Can someone help me with this?”

“My grandparents with my father in their arms. Gramps is getting sickly so any type of improvement would be amazing.”

And just like that, photos of loved ones are made new again. Well, mostly new. It’s just awesome to see people take time out to help others for nothing in return.

Source: Reddit/r/estoration

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