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These Artists Are Cleaning Up The Streets, But You Won’t Believe How.

Are you ready for a new kind of street are that’s both artsy and beautifies your city? Enter “reverse graffiti.” It sounds kind of strange, right? How does one exactly reverse graffiti? Wait until you see it.

Instead of creating art by adding paint to a wall, artists scrub off the dirt caked onto walls, sidewalks, and streets. With a lot of elbow grease (or possibly power washers), artists are taking street cleaning to a whole new level.

The resulting negative space is turned into an amazing, temporary work of art. Not to mention it’s a legal gray area for the artists. I mean you can’t get arrested for cleaning walls right? Artists use an array of different methods to clean the dirt off their canvasses including bleach, power washers, metal brushes, and sandpaper. 

1.) Art with a message. Literally.

2.) The flames make the car go faster.

3.) It can see you.

4.) Peaceful landscape.

5.) Pikachu from Pokemon.

6.) Just a friendly reminder to drive your electric car.

7.) Too many chairs.

8.) The Joker from Batman.

9.) I’m not sure what’s going on here, but it looks beautiful.

10.) Abstract.

11.) Give love a chance.

12.) Bender from Futurama.

13.) Gorgeous.

14.) Wonderful tree.

15.) Reverse graffiti flower blooming in the sun.

16.) Remember.

17.) Just imagine how long it must take to do one of these.

18.) Batman.

19.) Godzilla attacks!

20.) A detailed seagull.

21.) Calvin and Hobbs.

22.) This is how the artist made them. He taped the shape down, then cleaned around it.

23.) Classic art, reimagined.

24.) Haunting.

25.) The Man Of Steel.

26.) Well, you’re welcome I guess.

27.) Intricate pattern.

28.) A bit morbid, don’t you think?

29.) That’s kind of scary.

30.) Beautiful butterflies.

(Via: Distractify)

Sometimes, what’s not there is just as beautiful as what is there. Wow. … not to mention, this would certainly make cleaning a lot more fun. Make sure to share this one on Facebook by clicking below. 

Read more: http://viralnova.com/reverse-graffiti/

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