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These Photos Taken After A Still Birth Are Shocking… But There’s A Beautiful Reason Behind Them.

A stillborn child is one of the most heartbreaking things any family would have to endure. Walter Joshua Fretz, a 19 week-old infant, entered this world a few weeks too soon. He was only able to survive outside of his mother for a few precious minutes, but during his time here, his family experienced something miraculous.

Just by being close to this little baby, the Fretz family truly realized how precious life was.

Walter may not have been on this earth very long, but he touched his mother’s heart.

Even the doctors and nurses in the room cried with the family, embracing the little miracle Walter was.

Many abortions occur at Walter’s age during 2nd trimester. He was born alive.

His sisters bonded with him as well.

Life is precious, no matter how old that life is.

Walter can teach us that.

There isn’t a baby that is too young to love.

Understandably, Walter’s family would never be the same:

I cannot say enough good things about my doctor and nurses that were there with me. They never once mentioned the word fetus. They prayed with me, cried with me and were there for my every need. Even in a time of so much pain I felt loved by them all.

The next morning, Rachel brought our daughters to the hospital. There wasn’t ever any doubt in my mind that I needed to have the girls in to see their brother. Michayla especially has been so excited about the baby and really wanting a brother. She knew something wasn’t right and kept asking Rachel and then her daddy as he brought them to our room about the baby. She kept asking if the baby was ok and if we could take him home. It took Emma a little bit to comprehend what I was telling her when I told her that Jesus took their baby to Heaven with Him, but she did understand as well.

I have gotten messages from people all around the country who have experienced a loss or were just touched by his story. I’ve even had a few people tell me that they were able to use his photos to reach out to a hurting woman who was contemplating an abortion. Just because the child within cannot be seen by us does not mean that he is a blob of cells. Walter was perfectly formed and very active in the womb. If he had just a few short more weeks he would have had a fighting chance at life.

The brief life of Walter really makes you think.

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