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This Crafty Mom Keeps Her Kids Entertained And Educated With Their Lunch.

When parents send their kids off to school with their lunches packed, sometimes they’ll throw in a note of encouragement or some other small token to make sure they remember how much their parents love them while they’re away. For Tokyo, Japan, based mom Maiko Takahashi, the entire meal becomes a blank slate for creative ways to keep her kids entertained, educated and healthy.

She frequently crafts cartoon characters and cute animals, but she was also inspired to add in a geography lesson with these beautifully prepared bento-boxed lunches. School yourself with some scrumptious looking Japanese geography!

Just looking at these delicious lunches has taught me more about Japan.

Her handiwork is so detailed!

Okay, letters? Really?

These are some truly lucky kids…

(I just hope they like geography.)

I wish I could learn everything through my food.

Mom, you get an A+!

(via Mashable.)

You can find more of the delicious lunch lessons on Maiko’s Facebook and Twitter. Her kids must have a tough time eating such delicious art!

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