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This House Is Filled With Trash From Top To Bottom… But Go Inside. You’ll Love It.

If you walked by this house on the University of Brighton’s campus, you might not think twice about it. If you took a closer look, though, your jaw would drop to the floor. This house, from top to bottom, is entirely made of garbage. Literally. The “Waste House” was designed by studio BBM’s director Duncan Baker-Brown, along with undergraduate students at the university. It was built by apprentices from the social housing maintenance provider Mears, as well as other local students. This will make you think twice about what you do with your trash… it quite literally could be another man’s treasure (or at least his house).

The walls are covered in used carpet tiles and are insulated with junk, including floppy discs and toothbrushes.

It certainly doesn’t look like junk from afar.

The architects claim that the Waste House is the UK’s first permanent building constructed with garbage.

The designers hope to inspire others, showing that “junk” can be used for so much more.

Traditionally, these materials are undervalued.

“It’s about proving that you can build something with other people’s stuff, and that you can make a permanent building out of rubbish,” Baker-Brown told Dezeen.

Getting this building plan approved was a challenge.

But well worth it.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/trash-house/

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