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This May Look Like Awesome Sushi, But Please, Don’t Eat It.

Listen up foodies. It’s one thing to love sushi. It’s a totally next level crazy person thing to buy these “imitations” because you just can’t get enough of your favorite food. … but no matter how crazy it sounds, I could find myself walking around with these on in the near future.  

Check these out. I hope you don’t have an empty stomach, though. Otherwise you’re going to be extremely hungry.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the world’s first line of “sushi socks”.

For sushi addicts the world around, you can now buy designs incorporating the most famous types of sushi: tuna, salmon, shrimp, Japanese omelette, octopus and fish eggs.

We’re honestly not sure why someone would want these…

…unless you’re a super fan!

At the very least, you’ll have an interesting story though!

(via ufunk)

Wow. Well if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas present for that “impossible” person to shop for, I guess we just saved you the trouble of finding the most unique gift ever. Seriously, check them out here, and buy some spicy tuna! 

And be sure to share these funny socks with your friends using the buttons below. They’ll think you’re weird, but it’s all for a good laugh, right?

Read more: http://viralnova.com/sushi-fashion/

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