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This Woman Made Necklaces Out Of Real KFC Chicken Bones. Really.

Do you love KFC? Do you really love KFC?

Enjoying KFC’s fried chicken doesn’t have to end when you reach the bottom of the bucket anymore. Kentucky native and jewellery designer Meg C worked on an unusual homage to the colonel’s finger-lickin’ fried goodness along with home-state-enthusiast website Kentucky for Kentucky

She used real bones from an actual KFC chicken meal to create surprisingly beautiful necklaces. I guess gold plating isn’t just for baby booties anymore! Take a look.

She started with an ordinary 8-piece bucket of chicken.

And created these one of a kind necklaces from the actual chicken bones.

She cleaned the bones with regular soap and water, then prepped them with varnish and paint to be plated.

The process took about a month to complete the whole bucket.

The result is a classy homage to your favorite fried food!

(via Kentucky for Kentucky.)

Unfortunately, she only created 20 as a limited time offer and they have all been sold, but there’s always hope for more fried finery in the future! 

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