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What These People Are Doing With Their Old Photographs Made Me Look Twice… But I Love It.

Finding a way to look back into your past can stir up a lot of emotions, both good and bad. Dear Photograph is a website dedicated to doing just that, but how they do it will hit you so hard. They found a way to literally combine the past and present, by juxtaposing old and new photos together to tell the story. Users can submit their own photos and stories to this Tumblr. Every story that makes it to the site will just leave you wanting to know more about each person’s life.

Dear Photograph, She was a senior when I was a freshman and she has been looking out for me ever since. Now she’s teaching my 2 boys at our old school …28 years later! -Gilbert Bohannon Jr

Dear Photograph, We waited a few years after they were gone… but now my grandparent’s couch must go too… -Amy

Dear Photograph, Move in day twenty three years ago was like one big present waiting to be unwrapped. Little did I know that a little sister was on the way and ten years later…a brother. -Shari

Dear Photograph, Drucilla was a queen of a cat, but sadly, she had to give up her throne. These days when I look out the kitchen door, the view just isn’t the same. We miss her. -Kingy

Dear Photograph, It’s not just the house that has gotten older… -Janine

Dear Photograph, As we gather this Thanksgiving, I wish we could set aside all the family squabbling and just be grateful for time with one another. My uncle passed away last week, and I would love to have him knock on the door and share this season one more time. -Stephanie

Dear Photograph, I was once as skinny as my clarinet. These days I should be playing a tuba. -Eric

Dear Photograph, I’ve watched alot of great football games for the past 20 years at Auburn. But seeing my mother tackle my grandmother is still one of the all time hall of fame moments for me. -Kenny

Dear Photograph, A simple yellow balloon or the first snowflakes of the season always made my girls giggle and look with such wide eyed wonder. I cherish the life lessons they have taught me. -Mama

Dear Photograph, I’m forever grateful for my sister. She kept me from tumbling downward when my parents divorced. I wish I could go back to beanie babies and the days when finding happiness wasn’t such an upward climb. -You saved my life Sissy. Love, Robin

Dear Photograph, West Point is where we first pretended we were soldiers. Forty years later,we’re both army veterans. -John and Rob

Dear Photograph, I have no idea what sort of Christmas present awaited my brother Casey in that tube. Just like I had no idea that this past week Casey would die in a horrible accident in Kerala, India. I wanted to bring him home one last time to our house in Texas. This is the only way I could…it’s been a tough week. -Joe

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