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A Loving Couple’s Unusual Family Photo Shoot Is Both Precious And Hilarious.

Once people get to a certain age, their focus in life changes. Instead of taking pictures of concerts or parties (and then posting them online), they care more about their weddings and babies. …Not that there is anything wrong with that. What happens, though, when you don’t have a baby to upload pictures of ad nauseam? 

You improvise. 

Jan and Chase Renegar from Huntsville, Alabama, don’t have a child of their own. That didn’t stop the two wedding photographers from getting some family photos of their own, though. They hired photographer Jamie Clauss to take some very special pictures of them and their baby. Their baby just happens to have fur and four legs. 

Jamie is used to photographing weddings, families and babies…

But taking pictures Snuggles the Jack Russell Terrier was a new experience.

These proud parents staged typical newborn photographs, only highlighting their four-legged friend.

Although tongue-in-cheek, they ended up being adorable.

Even though they’re not real babies, furbabies are still important family members.

Snuggles even started to enjoy the session, taking a quick snooze every now and then.

What a precious baby!

(Jamie Clauss via Daily Mail)

More and more couples are either putting off parenthood or opting out altogether, but they still want to grow their family. It’s easy to love these photos of Jan, Chase and Snuggles. After all, they are one happy family… even if their baby is furrier than most.

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