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Here Are 21 Perfect Inventions… But They’re Totally Useless.

Katerina Kamprani is no ordinary product designer. The Athens, Greece, based artist doesn’t take a traditional approach to design. Instead she does something completely different. Something very counter intuitive that you might not expect. 

In her series called “The Uncomfortable” Kamprani takes on the challenge of redesigning everyday objects. However instead of making them sleeker or more functional, Kamprani does the opposite. She designs them to be completely useless. Yep, you read that correctly. Just take a look.

1.) They’ll keep your feet nice and wet.

2.) Worst salt and pepper shakers ever.

3.) All that cord for just one Christmas light. Totally worth it.

4.) No straw for you.

5.) Reverse Oreo cookie. Could actually be delicious.

6.) Hangers for oddly shaped coats.

7.) That button looks heavy.

8.) Useless for anything but pasta.

9.) Not the best coffee cups I’ve ever seen.

10.) Who needs physics anyway?

11.) Ideal for spilling burning hot coffee on yourself.

12.) I’d love to see someone try to eat a meal with these.

13.) Hardcore Santa hat.

14.) Completely non-functional.

15.) A disaster waiting to happen.

16.) A cooking pot for mutants.

17.) In a pinch it might work.

18.) A very secure doorknob.

19.) Good luck turning the key.

20.) Should be served with bleach to get the wine stains out of your shirt.

21.) Flimsy silverware.

(Via: Bored Panda)

I feel like I might actually buy one of these just to see people’s reactions… Plus, who doesn’t like useless items filling up their closets? Don’t forget to share this post on Facebook by clicking below.

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