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Here Are 27 People With Jobs Way Better Than Yours. I’m So Jealous Of #8… That Exists?!

Not everyone is lucky enough to score their dream job during their lifetime. Many people try, but few succeed. However, it’s possible that you’re not doing what you love because you just don’t know what jobs are out there. There aren’t just doctors, lawyers, firefighters and teachers… Take these job titles for example. It’s doubtful you’ve heard of any of these positions, but it’s time to start thinking outside of the box. Maybe whoever created these positions was drunk or playing an elaborate joke, but they might have been onto something. Maybe being the CEO of science is your calling.

1.) Tater wrangling can be tough work.

2.) … but how did he become an expert?

3.) Ahem. Sure.

4.) This takes years of experience, guys.

5.) How does one get certified as a Beardsman?

6.) The last knitter-in-residence had mad skills.

7.) Dude. Rad job.

8.) There has to be a more official term for that, right?

9.) If I were an elephant, I’d vote for him.

10.) How extreme does unicycling get?

11.) Keeping those MILFs in line is hard.

12.) Too cool for school, even.

13.) This one is definitely believable.

14.) I don’t blame him, those tuna can be pretty shifty.

15.) His paper folding better be legit.

16.) Literally. Like, he developed the web.

17.) Because being a space cowboy is too common.

18.) King of Science here, no big deal.

19.) If only I could apply for this job.

20.) It doesn’t matter if this isn’t real. It’s legit.

21.) So, basically, a baller.

22.) This is the opposite of what a professional snuggler should look like.

23.) It’s hard to imagine a world where this is needed.

24.) Or this classic from Arrested Development.

25.) It’s not just about sand. Or bags of sand.

26.) Lube managers… they get all the girls.

27.) I don’t know which title to be most impressed by. (The answer is all of them.)

(H/T BuzzFeed) Now, if only those job titles had job descriptions to go along with them. Don’t worry if you’re stuck at a dead-end job, there are so many other opportunities out there. If you’re lucky, maybe you can become a Director of Potatoes, too. Keep your chin up!

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