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Here Are 30 Clever Tattoos That Just Redefined What Awesome Is. #7 Is The Best!

Getting a tattoo is serious business. It might only cost you a few hundred dollars to get the one you want, but you’ll be permanently giving up real estate on your body. You will never be a clean slate again. That intimidates some people, who then never get tattoos. And others? For other people, that very real and life-long commitment motivates them to plan it out so brilliantly, they’ll never tire of their tattoos. The people you see below not only discovered some pretty unique ways to get tattoos, but they’re also interactive.

1.) Say “cheese!”

2.) Modern day pirate? Yarr.

3.) This tattoo is magical. It can give anyone antlers.

4.) Intensely awesome.

5.) When makeup gets fierce.

6.) For the thinkers out there.

7.) You’ll never NOT be having fun.

8.) Girls love a good surprise giraffe.

9.) Popeye would be so proud…

10.) He’ll never need a Halloween mask.


12.) His hand is a sharknado.

13.) Let people know what you’re listening to.

14.) They can be both sincere and sarcastic.

15.) You’ll never need a ruler again! … unless you start using metric.

16.) Connect the dots…

17.) Street Fighter fans know whats up.

18.) It’s adorableness shot me through the heart.

19.) If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

20.) Losing feels better when you give someone a silly mustache.

21.) That finger grew up on the wrong side of the palm.

22.) Snip, snip.

23.) A healthy alternative to smoking.

24.) Please don’t cut along the dotted line. Those are my toes.

25.) At least he knows it’s bad for him…

26.) Handshakes just got intense.

27.) Take treasure with you everywhere.

28.) Furry, Mario fan or shape shifter… this is awesome.

29.) Ahh, that explains it!

30.) Too cute to handle. I can’t even.

(H/T Bored Panda) Tattoos are serious, but don’t take yourself too seriously. Sometimes, they best art happens when you’re just able to be yourself, without hesitation or apology. That’s exactly what these people did when they got their tattoos. They aren’t afraid to be their awesome selves… share their brilliant tattoos by clicking below.

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