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Here Are 32 Things Your Backyard Is BEGGING For This Summer. #12… I Need It!

Even if you’re not young enough to be in school (or happen to be an educator), you’ll most likely still have to work this summer. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it to the absolute fullest, though. The weather should hopefully be beautiful and there will be lots to do.

These awesome tips may help you take your summer of 2014 and turn it all the way up to 11. Don’t just hang out in the back yard… hang out in the back yard while you lounge in a hanging beanbag chair, surrounded by homemade tiki torches. That’s how you do it.

1.) They’re bean bag chairs. And they float.

2.) This is a picnic table. Or is it?

3.) Having your own zip line can be a real thing.

4.) This is a bar you can take everywhere.

5.) Getting some sun doesn’t have to be boring.

6.) DIY awesomeness you need to learn how to do yourself.

7.) Pool parties just got a lot more awesome (which shouldn’t have been possible).

8.) Safer than a normal trampoline, but just as awesome.

9.) You can have a “drive-in” experience in your own backyard.

10.) You would be able to lounge in this chair for hours upon hours.

11.) You can control your chickens, but it also looks awesome.

12.) A hammock… bean bag chair… or both?

13.) Relaxing or snuggling can happen as publicly or privately as you’d like it.

14.) Bottom line: your kids are going to love it.

15.) Having your own stream can do wonders for your relaxation.

16.) If you had this gazebo, you would never go into your own house.

17.) “The Cacoon” is a tent-hammock … and it might just be perfection.

18.) Fire pits are awesome… but fire pits with swings? Even better.

19.) Old sprinklers are SO boring.

20.) Why swim in the pool when you can use awesome bumper cars?

21.) With these small fire pits, you can enjoy a nice flame almost anywhere.

22.) Your party guests are going to love this.

23.) Make the outdoors your bedroom (but still use your own bathroom).

24.) And thought Twister indoors was fun.

25.) It’s like a rocking chair, but for more than one person. It’s awesome.

26.) This copper rain shower is decorative, but it can also help you cool off on hot days.

27.) Instead of baking while laying out in a hammock, you can just relax under this classy canopy.

28.) A pool shower? Adding more water to a pool is always fun.

29.) This ultimate beach chair lets you relax, nap, sunbathe, snack and do basically anything you’d ever want while laying out.

30.) This triple hammock will let you hang out with your friends – no more lonesome hammock time.

31.) This “shallow swing disc” lets you rock around… but won’t mess up your hair or make you sweat. Awesome.

32.) Getting some sun can be hot business, but if you don’t have a pool? Buy this adult version of a kiddie pool. It’ll keep you cool without costing a ton of money.

(H/T BuzzFeed)

Don’t let the neighborhood kids have all of the fun this summer. Get out there and use these awesome ideas to make your summer just as fun as theirs. If you love these, share them and spread the happiness!

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