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Here Are The 31 Most Sarcastically Hilarious Comebacks… #8 Is Such A Jerk. But LOL.

Sarcasm is an art form. It takes a lot of skill to create a sarcastic quip or comeback on the spot. That’s why we’re honoring these 31 people and their amazing, random acts of sarcasm… because, let’s face it, there’s no way we could be this funny on the fly. Thank you, sarcastic people of the world, for making us LOL so hard.

1.) Sure thing, sign!

2.) Win! (Sort of.)

3.) I think I know what happened here.

4.) Corporate burn.

5.) Nice tree.

6.) Elaine knows what’s up.

7.) Siri is giving some attitude.

8.) This is how an uprising begins.

9.) *rimshot*

10.) I see what you did there.

11.) And how about the bars made of chocolate?

12.) Oh, MEN.

13.) Someone needs to go back to anatomy class…

14.) Uh. Wow.

15.) That’s not passive aggressive or anything.

16.) LOL, Hulu. LOL.

17.) I’m so thrown off by those quotes.

18.) I don’t think “Joni” got it.

19.) Texting with your kids? Watch out for sarcasm.

20.) Hanging something in public? Spell it correctly.

21.) Valid question.

22.) I think I love Roger.

23.) Noted.

24.) Incredible work!

25.) Now that’s just good advice.

26.) So THAT’S what that sign means…

27.) Seriously?

28.) Bulletin boards will not be wasted.

29.) Know your audience.

30.) Bathroom graffiti win.

31.) I don’t think that’s what they meant…

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