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No Matter How Many Times You Watch These, You’ll Die Laughing. LOL… Classic.

Vine is a popular app for smartphones that allows users to create short videos that they can share with their friends or publicly online. The best thing about Vine videos? They are easy to watch (less than 10 seconds long) and more often than not, they are hilarious. These happen to be some of the best and most original Vine videos around. Every time you watch one, you might die of laugher. How can all of these be instant classics? (Note: To play the audio in each Vine, click on the speaker symbol in the upper left-hand corner.) 1.) How to make your dog (sort of) hate you.  

2.) This dog is so afraid… of his own farts.

3.) Being totally smooth.

4.) Why are cats so weird?

5.) This sucks … but we still laughed.

6.) Too weird to exist. OMG.

7.) So this is how some people dance…

8.) Oh, so THIS is how they do it.

9.) Just look at this majestic athlete.

10.) That must be one really nice freezer.

11.) Does this kid love or hate basketball? It’s impossible to tell.

12.) Lose yourself in this Corgi’s majestic, fluffy butt.

13.) The lip syncing is strong with this one.

14.) The kitty rejects your affection. Please do not touch the kitty.

15.) He learned the truth of tickling at a young age.

16.) How to lose friends and alienate people.

17.) Ryan Gosling can be so cranky in the mornings.

18.) 100% unnecessary, Mr. FBI Agent.

19.) Children are magical (…THUNK.)

20.) That’s so boss…ton terrier.

21.) Well, now that I can see it for myself…

22.) I think she’s gonna make it.

23.) Dad and his brakes put an end to this nonsense.

24.) I think I know why you can’t be friends.

25.) I don’t even WANT your banana…

(H/T BuzzFeed) This just goes to show there are still creative, original people out there… and also a lot of silly weirdos with access to smartphones. If any of these made you LOL (or even smile), click below to share!

Read more: http://viralnova.com/funny-vines/

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