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This Is Why Everyone Is In Love With Chris Pratt.

Chris Pratt, the star of the new film Guardians of the Galaxy, has been making people swoon recently because of his good deeds. He is a lovable buffoon that has jumped straight into the spotlight and it has done nothing but help his sterling reputation. Here are some of the reasons why you should be loving Chris Pratt right now.


He knows how to braid.

Dude is RIPPED! Or at least, he got ripped.

He cares about your problems and tries to solve them.

He’s got style.

He isn’t a bro.

He has good tastes.

He showed Amy Poehler his penis.

He surprised all of these kids at the Guardians of the Galaxy premiere.

He’s a fan of Slim Shady.


Well, I’m convinced. Seems like a good dude to me! Share this post if you’re a huge Chris Pratt fan or would like to spread his wisdom across the world.

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