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Urban Explorers Discover An Abandoned Warehouse Randomly Filled With Old Cars.

Imagine coming across this large, abandoned building while out on a walk. It’s in the middle of the countryside and the doors are locked. Curious, you step up to the window to peek inside. It seems to be full of something, although it’s hard to see exactly what. (My own curiosity would kill me.)

A photographer stumbled across this building and felt exactly that. Luckily, he was able to peek inside and discover what was waiting for him. The storage barn (located somewhere in Portugal) is actually packed to the brim with old, classic cars. The pictures originally surfaced back in early 2007, and took on a life of their own. The story behind the barn is that it belongs to a former classic car dealer from the 70’s and 80’s. According to one source the dealer kept the more interesting cars that came into his shop over the years, and stored them in this barn. When it was full he sealed it up. The dealer hired photographer, Manuel Menezes Morais to take photos of the 180 cars in the barn. But he swore Morais to secrecy about its location. Some speculate that it’s somewhere outside of Lisbon. Hopefully this isn’t a hoax because these photos are amazing. I’ll take one of everything please.

(H/T: San Francisco Globe) Sadly none of the cars are for sale, and probably won’t ever be. If you love cars (or just love random, awesome discoveries), share this story on Facebook by clicking below.

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