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What This Guy Discovered At His Local Petco Turns My Stomach. Seriously, This Is Just Wrong.

If  pet stores must exist, they should be a positive and inviting place, full of healthy animals that are given the love and attention they deserve. Many families use pet stores as a way to adopt a new member of the family (or maybe just learn about animals in the world around them). What it shouldn’t be, though, is a disgusting nightmare. This Reddit user visited a Petco store in Carbondale, IL, and was shocked by what he saw. The animals were sick, starving and the living conditions were just atrocious.

The aquariums were disgusting. A birds nest coral was hidden by growth.

Bubble tip anemone without any of its color.

The tanks were overrun with caulerpa algae.

Condylactis anemone, which should be tan and not white. It’s either lacking sunlight or food.

This male fancy rat was obviously very sick.

These two juvenile leopard geckos seem starved and lethargic.

This is supposed to be a clownfish’s tank.

This was listed as a “zoanthid frags,” but it was covered in aiptasia.

(H/T Reddit) Even if you don’t know much about caring for aquatic animals, it’s obvious that these fish tanks are not well looked after. Not only that, but the small pets at this Petco store were very ill and malnourished. Hopefully this user reported the store to the authorities, so that the animals suffering inside would at some point receive proper care (before it’s too late). If you ever see any animal being mistreated like this, say something. Please share this story with others so they know what to look out for in pet stores as well.

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