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Will Ferrell shows he’s just another #GetCovered celebri-cult ‘sell out’ [pic]

http://twitter.com/#!/DJHelriggle/status/438063855155965952 Sigh. Another day, another celebrity pimp for Obamacare. Today, it’s Will Ferrell, actor and co-founder of pro-Obamacare comedy site “Funny or Die,” who’s shilling for stupidity: http://twitter.com/#!/funnyordie/status/438061385516212224 OK, Will. We’ll get right on that. Just as soon as you decide to lead by example: http://twitter.com/#!/JayGazzo/status/438061887796686848 We can wait. http://twitter.com/#!/huckbulletsatem/status/438071291564666880 http://twitter.com/#!/Kamichal/status/438070063615463424 …

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‘Is this serious?’ Vox explains when ‘racists’ more likely to oppose O-care

http://twitter.com/#!/TheRightWingM/status/469878546580533248 Yesterday, Democrat Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia said that race could be a factor that motivates some people to oppose of Obamacare. Vox.com decided that Rockefeller’s statement deserved to be “Voxsplained” for reasons of simplification: http://twitter.com/#!/voxdotcom/status/469873006009778176 In other words, if the millions of people who received insurance cancellation …

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Happy anniversary HealthCare.gov, you magnificent turd of an IT project!

http://twitter.com/#!/HealthCareGov/status/385036824923500544 Was it just one year ago today that Obamacare and its badly designed website, HealthCare.gov, were born and thrust upon America? Yes it has. And as we debate its flaws, let’s take a look at what Twitter was saying on day-one. First up, remember this lie? It’s so popular …

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‘He thinks we’re falling for this’? Kasich’s comms team takes swipe at AP [photo]

http://twitter.com/#!/brianrhester/status/524563057138499584 As Twitchy reported, Ohio Gov. John Kasich spent a good chunk of yesterday trying to dig himself out of a hole of his own creation. After the AP reported that Kasich said Obamacare won’t be repealed, he attempted to “clarify” by saying he was only referring to Medicaid expansion. …

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Thanks, Obama! Here’s what happened when O-care came up on Thanksgiving

http://twitter.com/#!/taylorlroth/status/406209675504275456 Did OFA-approved Obamacare talking points put in an appearance at your Thanksgiving dinner? How ’bout Al Sharpton’s “turkey tips” or the DNC’s “cool” O-care propaganda? For some families, Obamacare at the holiday table was a recipe for disaster. New Thanksgiving tradition: Screaming arguments. Thanks, Obama. http://twitter.com/#!/LexieWright12/status/406221371727806464 http://twitter.com/#!/DavidN1027/status/406185256446738432 http://twitter.com/#!/jmj1961/status/406166595329720320 http://twitter.com/#!/RandiCourter/status/406256151831928832 …

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