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Ron Fournier: Time for CDC to reconsider protocols — and talking points

http://twitter.com/#!/ron_fournier/status/521289558919774208 He’s not the only one wondering about that. Would be an admission of failure re CDC's hubristic insistence any US hospital can treat #Ebola with their guidelines. @elizcohencnn — Ford Vox, MD (@fordvox) October 12, 2014 It's clear the #Obama Admin & #CDC are misleading the American people. How …

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Kathleen Sebelius: ‘Today, there are millions of newly insured Americans’

http://twitter.com/#!/Sebelius/status/418384755755732992 Yesterday, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that 2.1 million people have signed up for private health insurance plans through Obamacare. As Twitchy noted, however, HHS still is not saying how many of those people have paid their premiums. Under the administration’s “expanded definition” of enrollment, people are considered enrolled if they …

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Dan Pfeiffer, WH tout crappy O-care ‘savings,’ ignore millions who lost coverage

http://twitter.com/#!/jerry148/status/412625760638468096 White House flack Dan Pfeiffer is super-excited, you guys. Because look at all the money Obamacare has saved American families: http://twitter.com/#!/pfeiffer44/status/412625299331751936 The White House is pumped, too: http://twitter.com/#!/WhiteHouse/status/412651014676705281 Wow! A whole $100! Never mind that millions of Americans have already had their policies canceled. And the number will be …

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