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Dan Pfeiffer, WH tout crappy O-care ‘savings,’ ignore millions who lost coverage!/jerry148/status/412625760638468096

White House flack Dan Pfeiffer is super-excited, you guys. Because look at all the money Obamacare has saved American families:!/pfeiffer44/status/412625299331751936

The White House is pumped, too:!/WhiteHouse/status/412651014676705281

Wow! A whole $100! Never mind that millions of Americans have already had their policies canceled. And the number will be way higher than 8.5 million when all is said and done.!/rocksonthewall/status/412642057665003520

Which brings us to this:!/WhiteHouse/status/412643464564572161

That works out to a whopping $42.50 in savings per person. But those lucky folks will only have a short time to celebrate their Obamacare windfall. Some experts believe that close to 80 million Americans with employer-provided health care plans could lose their coverage. And that’s on top of those who have already lost their individual coverage.!/AmGovDotCom/status/412646986773299201

Much less.!/AmGovDotCom/status/412644356802101248!/dontenroll/status/412644864421937153!/HealyIV/status/412646045420896256

We won’t hold our breath.!/Loganizedbylove/status/412644158348595200

Yeah, Obamacare’s working out just great.!/tdstacy1/status/412634848986021888



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