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Andrew W.K., Glenn Beck discuss ‘love and partying’ on TheBlaze TV

http://twitter.com/#!/AndrewWK/status/498825500459282432 Rocker Andrew W.K. appeared on Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze TV Monday afternoon to discuss a column published this week in The Village Voice that’s made a splash in political circles. As Mediaite notes, the “king of partying” writes a weekly advice column for the Voice, and this week responded to a …

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‘Awful contest’: Alan Grayson’s ‘prize’ offer induces bipartisan shudders

http://twitter.com/#!/Bilford_Wrimley/status/520930103703130113 Florida Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson is soliciting campaign donations as all politicians do, except Grayson is offering this “prize” to sweeten the deal: You can win a free trip to Orlando to meet Nancy Pelosi and me. Contribute: https://t.co/uIzVrkBaG1 pic.twitter.com/8l2KXGFhhO — Rep. Alan Grayson (@AlanGrayson) October 11, 2014 Is …

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