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19 Unusual Dog Breeds And Markings Will Make You Fall In Love.

Most people in the world tend to favor one animal over the rest. Some of us are cat people, while others are dog people. (Some  of you may even be hamster people. Who am I to judge?) No matter what our differences are, one thing is certain: you’re going to love dogs a little more after you see this. These are some of the most unusual dog breeds and dog markings you’ll ever see. They’re spotted, striped and downright adorable. Brace yourself. You might just fall in love.

Yes. He has a monocle and a beautiful nose. Love it.

This rare, all-white Bernese Mountain dog wants to know why you’re not hugging him.

These little panda puppies are bred in Japan. They are that cute, yes.

Winnie the Australian Shepherd has heterochromia… and a sweet smile.

Fall in love with this gorgeous merle coloring…

I mustache you a question about this puppy…

But I’ll shave it for later, when he’s all grown up.

You can’t adopt this African painted dog, but you can love her from afar.

This two-faced dog is just perfect, even if she is unusual.

Those eyes can see into my soul. Wow.

This pup has lovin’ you on his mind.

The Puli dog is a little wild, but still lovable.

The panda German Shepherd is almost too beautiful.

A white Rottweiler stands out in the crowd.

This dog’s patch just makes her even sweeter.

Golden Retrievers and Yellow Labradors sometimes get this genetic mutation in their coat color.

It just makes them even cuter.

An all-white Weimaraner you say? Yes please!

Is this a zebra or a dog?

Chinese Crested dog, you know I’m just in love with your spots!

If these amazing animals inspired you to take in a new furry friend (and hopefully they did), find a local shelter by using ASPCA’s site. Or, you can search for pets in need of homes using Petfinder. Open up your hearts and let a little bit more love into your life. Adopt a lifelong friend… or share this story and encourage others to do so. Click below to Share!

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