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A “Problem Child” Has a Special Hidden Talent You’ll Love

When children have issues in school, it’s usually not because they are bad kids or hate learning. Sometimes, things are happening below the surface.

One teacher noticed that a “problem child” was having some trouble in her class. Instead of punishing him, she talked to him about it. What happened next was so touching.

This little boy was considered the “problem child” at my friend’s elementary school. One day while the others were outside for P.E. he was crying at his desk. Turns out he felt ostracized by the other kids, thought no one listened to him, and couldn’t stay focused in class. It also turns out…he’s a great little illustrator, who loves sea life.

So she offered him a deal. If he would come to class, be good, and do all his work, afterwards he could spend the rest of class drawing an “aquarium” on the dry erase board.

A week later, his attitude changed, and he’s getting along with other kids in class, he’s completing his work, and he’s excited to come to school every day and work on his beautiful mural. Sometimes we just need one person to tell us we’re not bad, the start believing it ourselves. I hope you guys enjoyed this, as much as I loved hearing about it. 🙂

Sometimes, children just need someone to listen and understand them.


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