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After Rescuing a Kitten, They Discovered Something Shocking About His Past. And It Brought A Flood Of Tears.

When you save the life of a shelter animal, you accept that you might not know what exactly they have been through in their lives. But one couple never expected to discover something SO shocking about their new furbaby, Chester. What they found out and what they needed to do would change their lives for well over a year.

But they were happy to do it for their new family member.

They found Cheeto (who they later renamed Chester) at a shelter. From the very first night, he showed them an incredible amount of love.

But they noticed something was wrong. He could only lay in one position, he never played and he didn’t eat. He was always sick.

They took him to the vet over and over. After switching vets, they discovered Chester was hit by a car while he was a stray. He had a chronic diaphragmatic hernia and he needed expensive and risky surgery to live a full life.

They took him to Washington State University for the risky surgery. The surgery went well, but after his blood pressure dropped to near dead levels, and he was in the ICU for six terrifying days with someone literally watching only him for 24hrs/day.

The wonderful staff at WSU fell in love with Chester, they even made him a custom eye mask out of gauze so he could get some sleep and recover.

The surgeon said that based on his cracked pelvis and the way it was fused, he’d been hit by a car at least a year before the surgery. So he was living on the streets in this condition for at least 7 months. The strength it took to stay alive for that long while being basically paralyzed is amazing.

Finally at home, recovering from surgery. Heat packs were used to help speed up the recovery.

His strength started to come back, but because of the blood pressure crash, blood couldn’t get to his back right foot, and a week later, the foot started to die.

Most of his foot could be saved, but the outside toes needed to come off. Unfortunately, his owners were running out of money. They set up an online donation for him.

Luckily, they raised enough funds and rushed him to the local vet to remove the dead foot. Now, Chester is happy and healthy for the first time in a LONG time.

Animals are part of the family. They always deserve another chance.


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