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And THIS Is Why You Never Try To Feed Pigeons. LOL, I Died Laughing.

Let the pictures below be a cautionary tale to all of those brave souls who think they can survive feeding pigeons…

Because you can’t. And you won’t.

1. They know more than you think.

2. There are more of them than you think.

3. Few know the truth about how blood-thirsty pigeons can get.

4. Pigeons aren’t afraid to pressure you.

5. In fact, they will harass you if they can.

6. They take pleasure in our fear.

7. Pigeons don’t know what mercy is.

8. They can also smell your fear.

9. Pigeons won’t hesitate to devour a human whole.

10. Pigeons love the tender flesh of children.

11. They WILL go for your face if you let them.

12. Pigeons don’t mind targeting tourists.

13. When you’re surrounded by pigeons, no one can hear you scream.

14. Pigeons aren’t dinosaurs, they can see you no matter how still you are.


16. You think it’s all fun and pigeon games…

17. Until they target YOU.

18. So take our advice.

19. Pigeons kill.

20. Or at least they kill spirits.

21. Especially if you’re a weak child.

22. And ESPECIALLY if you’re a car.

So when a sign states “don’t feed the pigeons,” heed its warning. Or else.

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