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Any Kid Would Be Lucky To Have These Text-Savvy Parents. They’re Hilarious.

Most Baby Boomers aren’t comfortable with using new technology, and understandably so. They were already fully-formed adults when cell phones were introduced to society. That’s a lot of information and gadgets to adjust to when you’re busy raising a family and working towards retirement.

So, that’s why when a parent is tech-savvy enough to text you (and be hilarious), it’s even more entertaining. These kids are so lucky to have the parents they do!

1.) It’s 10pm in America. Do you know where YOUR kids are?

2.) Mom, you speak the truth.

3.) Mom’s are always teaching how to grow up. Even by text.

4.) Too. Much. Information.

5.) Risky business, dad.

6.) Pun much?

7.) CSI has nothing on this dad.

8.) Someone still trying to live their glory days?

9.) Spreading the wisdom, just by a newer medium

10.) Mom, there will be revenge. Mark my WORDS.

11.) LOLOL

12.) …Ewwww….

13.) Admit it. You’ve left this way too.

14.) This sums up my relationship with my mom…

15.) The tables have turned.

16.) They might be able to text, but someone’s seen Frozen a few too many times.

17.) Hmm… now I’m hungry.

18.) I’ve always wanted a cop dad. Now you know why.

19.) Taking this a little… serious?

If only my parents were this epic. Usually, they just abbreviate everything and don’t understand that no one listens to voicemails any more. 

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