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Doggie Cones Don’t Have To Be Boring, Just Look What These Owners Did.

If your dog is unfortunate enough to require a doggie cone, you know that it can be an embarrassing situation for everyone involved: you, the dog, and for the people who have to awkwardly avoid eye contact with the pup. Luckily for you, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. These people have found ways to style their doggie cones of shame to make them less shameful.

1.) Toss that salad, pup.

2.) Get your paws off of me.

3.) This dog went to fashion school.

4.) This dog has a SECOND FACE!

5.) This dog is unhappy with his decorations.

6.) A space dog.

7.) Dogs love stuffed animals as much as we do.

8.) Oh this is too cute.

9.) My little ray of sunshine.

10.) Look out! It’s a Death Star.

11.) Whoever did this is certainly a joker.

12.) Burberry never looked so good.

13.) Back off! This is my food now!

14.) The light of your life.

15.) Go home dog, you’re drunk.

16.) Smoking is bad for your health.

17.) This dog is NOT happy to be with these stuffed animals.

18.) A Christmas wreath.

19.) So, a dog walks into a bar…

 I wonder what these people will do once the cones come off? Just go back to living a normal life? No way, José. Keep those for Halloween.

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