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Fall in Love With the World’s Cutest Pirate Kitten

When Sir Stuffington was found on the street, he already was missing an eye and his face was horribly scarred. His foster mom believed that he suffered a raccoon attack when he was very young. Thankfully, a kind family decided to rescue him… making him the coolest (and cutest) pirate kitten in all of existence.

Even though Sir Stuffington has had a rough life, he has pulled through and beat unbelievable odds.

This snapshot was taken when he was originally found on the streets; bitter, rough and cold.

Then, he was taken inside by the coolest people.

They didn’t mind his snarl and missing eye, in fact they loved it.

They loved him so much, they gave Stuffington and his two brothers a place to stay.

There, they made sure to protect their little bro…

And give him lots of love.

And why “Sir Stuffington,” you ask?

Well, this kitten is obviously a pirate.

Obviously. Argghhhh.

Although for living on the high seas, he doesn’t like water much.

Even if he was MUCH happier to be flea free.

Life is rough. But Stuffington is tough.

So, take a page out of his book… and learn to be awesome.

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