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He Killed Himself After An Argument With His Mom. What She Did Next Is Unbelievable.

Hallie Twomey is living a nightmare no mother should ever have to experience. The last things she ever said to her son were spoken during an argument. On April 14, 2010, after fighting with his mother, C.J. Twomey tragically took his own life. The former member of the Air Force was only 20 years-old when he died. His ashes used to sit upon a shelf in his mother’s home, but now, she is sending him on one last adventure with the help of Facebook. What she is doing for him is simply unbelievable.

Hallie didn’t want her son to just sit upon a shelf for her benefit.

She wanted him to be able to travel the world one last time.

So, this mother made a request on Facebook. She enlisted the help of others to take him to lands he never even dreamed of.

At first just her friends were helping… but then after the original post was shared over 100 times, strangers began volunteering to help C.J. travel, too.

At Lake Pattagansett in East Lyme, Connecticut.

There are only two rules for helping scatter C.J.’s ashes. (This photo is at St. Paul’s Chapel in NYC.)

1.) They have to tell him that his mother will always love him.

2.) They have to tell him that she is sorry. (At St. Theresa’s Chapel Beach in Juneau, Alaska.)

“YOU MUST AGREE TO SAY THAT,” Hallie posted on Facebook. (Near the Hollywood sign in California.)

Given how Hallie and C.J. were before they were separated… (At the Gulf of Mexico.)

She wants him to know, for sure, before he takes off into the world. (From Iron Mountain in California.)

At Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio.

In Jamaica.

In Plymouth, Massachusetts.

At Milford Lake in Kansas.

At Kalapana-Kapoho Road in Hawaii.

Inside the Banyan Tree at Rainbow Falls in Hawaii.

These are all of the different places that C.J.’s ashes have been scattered across the US, but they aren’t the only places.

Over 150 packets of his ashes have been sent around the world. One volunteer said they would even take him to the top of Mount Everest.

This is a message from his mother, posted on the Facebook page dedicated to C.J.’s journey:

SCATTERING CJ is a labor of love.

It’s an idea born out of my broken mom’s heart following the tragic suicide of my beloved son CJ.

CJ was only 20 years old when he ended his life.

For the past three years, I have literally stumbled through life trying to wake from this horrible nightmare. I can’t change what happened although I would do anything to bring him back.

As his mom, I want nothing more than to turn back the clock and fix whatever led him to this decision…repair what was broken…give him the life he no longer has…grant him the gift of time that he’ll never know.

SCATTERING CJ is my attempt to give my son SOMETHING. It’s a mission to show my son – my crazy, life of the party, lover of people, smile so wide it entered a room before he did son – some of the world that he never got to see. It’s an effort to allow my child to forever rest in locations hand picked by caring friends, family and strangers alike.

It’s simply a chance to put my faith in mankind (a faith that has completely disappeared since witnessing my son end his life) and ask that others help me complete CJ’s final journey.

Please share this page and my mission with others if you are so inclined. So many people have already agreed to help take CJ on this journey but I truly hope many more will. This page will allow people to quickly and easily indicate that they are willing to scatter his ashes. It will also be a great way for me to share some of the pictures and video that I receive. Please feel free to comment or post as often as you’d like. Each time someone shares this page or leaves a quick note, CJ’s journey will grow.

Thank you in advance to anyone that offers to take CJ on an adventure.

I honestly can’t find words that adequately express how much I appreciate it.

Please know that you are helping my very broken mom heart deal with the worst pain I have ever and will ever face.

Share this story and help Hallie ease her pain… and maybe even help C.J. travel the world. No family should ever have to experience something like this.

Source: Scattering CJ

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