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How They Found This Dog Turned My Stomach. But The End… WHOA. No Words.

When Little Thomas was found by the Vancouver Island Dogs Rescue Society, he had a severe case of mange. It was so bad that his skin was just sloughing off and his body’s immune system was extremely weak. The society stepped in immediately to save him. By using the combination of medicated baths, medicine and a little TLC, Little Thomas experienced a drastic change. It just took him one month to completely transform into the dog you’ll eventually see below. It’s amazing.

This is what Thomas looked like when he was first brought in.

Absolutely painful.

The mange made all of his skin look painful.

The rescue used Kimberly Matalas “Feel Better” bath products to help battle the mange.

All the while, they bolstered Little Thomas’s immune system.

“We use Kimberly Matalas “Feel Better” bath products to help topically, they are treated for what else it is that are ailing them, put them on a high quality food and then you are cautious with what exposure the dog receives depending on the severity of his health. It’s about boosting the immune system while fighting the immediate sores and problem areas.”

Whatever they did worked!

To help protect his skin, Thomas would wear this onesie around.

Demodectic mange, what Little Thomas had, isn’t contagious and this treatment worked for him.

Sarcoptic is HIGHLY contagious.

After being treated and cleared by the vet, Thomas is healing with the help of his foster family.

(The treatment includes lots of love.)

It’s difficult not to be blown away by this one month of progress.

Source: Reddit Thank you to the original poster of this touching story and the rescue she works with. Every day they are helping to heal animals in need and educate others on how to do the very same thing. It’s inspiring. To learn more about the speciality Matalas products used to treat his mange, click here. Share this sweet rescue with others. Maybe you’ll inspire someone to reach out a helping hand to an animal in need!

Read more: http://viralnova.com/one-month-after-saving-dog/

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