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I Died Today. A Story That Will Strike You Harder Than Any Other… A Must See.

For pet owners, our four legged friends become family. We take care of them just as much as they take care of us. They wag their tails, show us goofy faces, and give us unwavering affection. But sadly, after years of treats and toys and walks in the park, we end up having to part ways.

When this family discovered they would have to say goodbye to their beloved dog Duke, they made sure to send him off in style. The emotional day was full of Duke’s favorite things, from hamburgers to water parks, and documented by photographer Robyn Arouty who shared the story on her blog. Due to the high volume of people wanting to hear Duke’s story, the site is currently experiencing some technical difficulties. Below are all the original words, written from Duke’s perspective, that go along with the photos.

Trust me — you need to grab some tissues before you scroll on…

I Died Today by Duke Roberts.

And I ate a lot of hamburgers. We had a party.

And I laughed.

And I thought about how much I’m going to miss it here.

We told jokes.

We were serious.

My friends from next door came to see me. They’re twins. When someone offered them one of my hamburgers, one said, “No thank you. I don’t want to take any from Dukey.”

Kristen came to see me. She’s a hoot. She’s my groomer. And my buddy.

While we were waiting for the vet to come, Kristen said we were going for a walk. Then someone said, “How about a play in the water at the splash park down the street?” So off we went!

“You know I’m going to miss you, right?”

“And you too, right?”

“I need you to help me watch over my family.”

“Did you hear me? This is all I want!”

We got wet today.

We smiled today.

We felt grateful today.

We broke the rules today.

I listened to the kids play off in the distance. And thought about my two babies at home. I loved protecting them.

I relaxed today.

I felt no pain. Even though the tumor grew so big.

I felt the love today.

I said goodbye to my beautiful friend Kira. She “saw” me standing over everybody before the doctor said it was time. I was excited & jumping & happy.

Well, I didn’t say goodbye. I said ’til we meet again.

God, I was lucky. Our time was short. But you both gave me a second chance & we lived it up together. You love when I look at you. I’ll never stop.

Always, Dukey.

(via: BuzzFeed.)

You’re probably a total wreck right about now. Check out this video of the day Duke was adopted to help lift your spirits back up.

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