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I Swore I Wouldn’t Cry, But There’s No Stopping It When You See The End Of This Man’s Life.

This is Scott. He was dying of liver disease and was not expected to make it much longer. He also had Down Syndrome. His nephew decided to post a little bit about him online – some of his interests and what he enjoys doing – not for pity or sympathy, but just to let the world know about his incredible uncle and what he was going through. And that’s when literally thousands of people from all around the world decided to make the end of Scott’s life something very, very special.

Scott used to love writing. He would write down notes, thoughts and more. This thank you is the last thing he wrote.

What strangers did for him brought out the happiness inside of him, no matter how sick he got.

He was sent literal piles of mail from people who wanted to show how much he was loved.

His grandmother helped him go through some of the letters.

Users on Reddit.com sent him these to keep him happy while his health was failing.

Scott received letters, but also gifts from companies. Sony Music even sent him CDs.

Strangers spent hours creating gifts for Scott, like this painting.

They brought happiness to him when things were looking grim.

A Redditor painted a picture of Stevie Wonder for Scott.

He loved it!

Scotty loved wrestling, so someone made him a custom wrestling mask.

Scott proudly hung his mail in the living room, behind where his hospital bed was set up.

He was always a bit camera shy…

His nephew delighted in reading his letters out to him as his health slid away.

A kind man from Australia sent a huge package with lots of neat stuff for Scott, even money and a hat.

Here he is asleep with his new hat on.

Dreamworks pictures sent Scotty How to Train Your Dragon.

This is a picture of Scott and his mother when he was still healthy.

You are SO loved Scott and you will be missed.

Scott passed away shortly after receiving so much kindness. Even though he was weak at the end, going through his mail was always a bright spot during the day. This is what the original poster had to say about the amazing outreach online: I explained his situation, listed some of his interests (art, WWE wrestling, family, food, music, etc), and asked if anyone felt like sending him a letter — and you guys sure delivered! About two months ago a few news outlets picked up the story: Mashable, LA Times, GOOD Magazine, CBS, MSNBC In all, Scott received over 1,000 letters and gifts. It’s quite incredible thinking about the amount of time and thought put into each piece of mail. The mail came from all over the world, including Japan, Sweden, Ethiopia, Jordan, Australia, Poland, and many more far away countries. Thank you reddit for thinking of my uncle – he will surly be missed. Faith in humanity = officially restored. Source

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