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If Happiness Could Kill, These 32 Animals Would Be Dead. And Now I Would Be, Too.

Animals have an easier time enjoying life. They don’t have bills or responsibilities. Plus, they’re so darn cute. Let your heart be melted and day be made by these heartwarming animals having the best day ever.

These animals achieved “best day ever” status when:

1. A cat that discovered what a laser pointer is

2. This lamb that was rescued from going to the slaughterhouse

3. A newly adopted Corgi

4. This otter that realized he could just keep napping all day

5. A dwarf hamster who got a new bed

6. A kitten that caught the cutest ride ever

7. When this silver fox gets an epic tummy rub

8. This porker acting out a pig in a blanket

9. A hamster that’s about to get a treat

10. The baby elephant who found a stick

11. This Corgi that just wants to impress you

12. A Chinchilla before getting a snack

13. When this seal photobombed a scuba diver

14. A dog that’s trying to squeeze through a fence

15. This dog who likes playing tag

16. When a baby elephant played soccer

17. This duckling’s first day on earth

18. A puppy that loves baths

19. This goofy donkey when he gets attention

20. A wrinkled puppy having an adventure outside

21. Two parrots that are deeply in love

22. This mischievous puppy’s first day inside

23. A puppy that’s about to get a treat

24. An owl that just loves to laugh

25. A Shibu Inu that went away to college, too

26. A quokka when he was giving someone a birthday gif

27. This hilarious pack of cheetah cubs

28. A dog that was gloating to a cat

29. A silly panda when he played for the first time

30. This seal when he heard a good joke

31. When this dog’s dream came true

32. This puppy who realized he is fabulous

We know our day is made, now.


Read more: http://viralnova.com/happy-animal-moments/

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