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OMG. This May Not End Well But You Have To See This Woman’s Backyard. Unbelievable.

Janice Haley isn’t your normal Florida retiree. She is 57 years-old and instead of spending her days going on leisurely walks, enjoying the weather rand just relaxing, she takes care of two killing machines. Janice owns two Bengal tigers, just because she loves the creatures so much. Saber, a 600lb male white Bengal tiger and Janda, a 400lb orange Bengal female live in her yard. Every day, Janice hand-feeds them meat and bonds with them. This sounds like the beginning to a tragic exotic pet story, but the three seem to get along so well. Saber is so close to his adoptive mother, he can’t fall asleep without suckling on Janice’s finger.

It all started when Janice decided to take a tiger training class.

Two years after getting trained herself, she bought home Chuffer, a tiger cub.

Then she adopted Janda.

After Chuffer’s death in 2007, she bought Saber.

The tigers are well socialized.

They love being cuddled and stroked.

But you can never forget what powerful creatures they truly are.

(Even if they have an adorable sensitive side.)

Janice and her husband David spend all of their free time caring for their wild pets.

Their home in Orlando doesn’t look as wild as it is…

(H/T Daily Mail) Tigers are wild, powerful creatures and hopefully the Haley are always cautious around their wild friends. They have natural instincts that can overcome domesticated affection. If you love tigers, don’t adopt one yourself. Instead, visit the World Wildlife Fund’s website and find out how you can help the species in other ways. Janice has been very lucky so far, hopefully she stays that way. Share her incredible pet story with others by clicking on the button below.

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