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Prepare Your Heart. Because It’s Going To Explode When You See These 25 Photos.

The animal kingdom can sometimes be a ruthless place, but these 25 photos of animal parenting show that it can also be as just as tender as our own. Scientists usually separate animals into two categories based on how they raise their young. These are the R and K categories. Category R animals tend to have many offspring all at the same time who reach maturity faster. While K category animals tend to have fewer offspring that take longer to reach adulthood. Their young need more love and care, the kind of child rearing that we’re used to as humans (we’re also category K animals). Here are 25 animal parents who love their kids as much as you love yours.

1.) “Stop it mom you’re embarrassing me!”

2.) Cuddling up in the snow. Looks pretty cozy.

3.) They seem so proud of their little one.

4.) “Everyone hang on tight!”

5.) “Come on dad let’s play!”

6.) They’re so cute, I can’t even…

7.) “Shh! The baby is sleeping.”

8.) “It’s time for your swimming lesson son.”

9.) “Ok mom, staring contest go!”

10.) “Just hold onto my trunk honey and you’ll be alright.”

11.) They’re so well camouflaged!

12.) Otter-ly adorable.

13.) Such a peaceful place for a nap.

14.) Bear kisses.

15.) Gotta keep those ducklings warm and dry.

16.) Family group hug!

17.) Cute and slightly scary at the same time.

18.) A mama lion tickling her cub.

19.) There’s just something about baby hippos that gets me.

20.) “This is how you’re supposed to brush your teeth.”

21.) That’s one heck of a group play date.

22.) Mom’s tail is the best place to take a nap.

23). “Don’t worry mom I’m on look out!”

24.) “ Yuck! Come on mom! I’m not that dirty!!!”

25.) That’s one proud parent.

H/T: BoredPanda If those didn’t make your day, nothing will. Share these animals and their offspring with others below.

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