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She Woke Up, Thinking It Was Just Another Day. But What Her Boyfriend Did Is EPIC.

Ryan Leak is a successful motivational speaker and he is deeply in love. He was determined to make his girlfriend, Amanda Roman, supremely happy by giving her the wedding of her dreams. She just wouldn’t know anything about it.

Amanda’s dream was to be proposed to and married all in the same day… and her romantic boyfriend planned on doing exactly that. He proposed and then whisked her off to be married. He was going to give her the ceremony she always wanted, even though she didn’t plan it with him.

He secretly used her wedding Pinterest board, an online photo-sharing site, for over a year to help him. She was “pinning” all the things she would love to have at her dream wedding, so it was the perfect blueprint for Ryan.

Ryan flew Amanda to Miami under the pretense of helping friends move… then, he got down on one knee and gave her the surprise of her life.

After Amanda accepted the proposal, Ryan took her to a room in the hotel where her friends and family were holding up a sign that read “Today?” … unveiling the surprise. He flew all of the guests to the mystery location as well. The only thing Amanda needed to do was get ready and walk down the aisle.

He even flew Amanda’s favorite make-up artist and hair stylist to the city to help get her ready for the big day.

Ryan and Amanda got engaged and married five years after they met… to the day.

This lucky bride was planning her own dream wedding for years… she just didn’t realize it.


This is a surprise only one in a million boyfriends could have pulled off. Share it with your friends!

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