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So There’s An Animal Refuge In Arkansas. And It Might Be The Best Place Ever… Trust Me.

If you thought different species of animals could only live together in harmony in Disney films then you were wrong. Located in North Arkansas is the Rocky Ridge Refuge, a place of helping and healing for a wide variety of special needs animals that find their way there. Approximately 50-60 animals make their home there at any given time. The refuge was started by Janice Wolf, a former veterinarian technician who set up the shelter to rescue and raise wildlife and sick pets after long caring for animals.

Sharing is caring. Especially when it’s a delicious watermelon.

Taking a little stroll through the snow together.

“When they asked me if I wanted to watch ‘Bambi’, this isn’t what I was expecting.”

Barcode the zebra shares some grass with Tofu.

Kanon the dog gives up his bed to an injured friend in need.

Cheesecake the capybara cools off in a paddling pool with canine friend Paul.

Crouton the African Sulcata tortoise not as happy about sharing here.

Butterbean the dog cuddles with a fawn.

The puppies aren’t all too pleased with Cheesecake hogging the puppy pool.

Crouton says hello to Julep, a dog rescued from the brink of death.

That little fawn has some serious looking bodyguards.

Disco the pig meets Crouton the day she was rescued.

Janice Wolf, a former veterinarian tech set up the refuge 20 years ago and now relies on donations to keep it going.

Who knew such different species could get along and love each other. Selfless people like Janice remind me of how truly wonderful the world can be. You can find more about the Rocky Ridge Refuge on their Facebook and on their website.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/animal-refuge/

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