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Stranger Proves Just How Special One Little Boy Really Is

Riley England is a special little boy. Because of a severe form of epilepsy and seizures when he was a baby, he is non-verbal. He makes noises and doesn’t act like other children and most people just stare at him.

One night recently when he was out to eat with his family, he was shown incredible understanding and kindness that most people wouldn’t express. His mother Ashley, his father Jason and his little brother Logan were dealing with the stares and laughter from strangers when Riley became frustrated, screaming and pounding on the table. They hated to disrupt others’ meals.

But that’s when a waitress approached their table with tears in her eyes. Instead of asking them to leave, she did something amazing.

The waitress, Tonya Griffin, told the family, “your meal’s been paid for and he wanted me to give you this note.”

“God gives special children to special people.”

Riley is very special and unlike any other child because of his condition.

The happy family, knowing just how lucky they are to have a boy like Riley.

Ashley and Jason know they are lucky to have Riley. Most 8 year-old boys won’t give their mommy kisses and hugs. Even though he can’t say “I love you,” Ashley knows he feels it.


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