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The ‘Before’ Photo Made Me Sick. Yet The ‘After’ Photo Is So Great I Actually Laughed.

When Raphael was found, he only weighed 45 pounds… it was a miracle he was even alive. The mixed breed (that vaguely resembles a Rhodesian Ridgeback) was literally skin and bones. A dog of his size should weigh at least TWICE what he did. The emaciated puppy was thankfully found by a person out walking his own dog, who called the humane society. Poor Raphael was immediately picked up and taken to the Sante Fe animal shelter. When you see these photos, you won’t believe the dog was able to survive.

Raphael didn’t have any other underlying health problems, he just desperately needed to gain weight.

He began as such a skinny, sad dog.

When Raphael was put on the scale, he barely moved the needle.

But the dog’s spirits were high, he was ready to fatten up on a diet of hot dogs and love.

Once he gained a little weight, the dog was taken in by a foster family who had one goal: to fatten that pooch up!

And they have been doing a wonderful job. He’s actually a bit on the fat side now. Just look at this lazy bum – LOL 🙂

Raphael, the fat and sassy pup!

It’s hard to believe that such a happy puppy started off in such bad shape. He had to gain over 100% of his own body weight to get where he is today. He was able to thanks to the kind men and women who took him in at the shelter, plus his loving foster family.

To donate to the Sante Fe shelter and help animals like Raphael, visit their site!

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