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These 14 Animals Were Horribly Mistreated Until Heroes Saved The Day.

These fourteen different animals were living a life of neglect and abuse at disguting farms and zoos. Thankfully, they were rescued by my new heroes, Farm Sanctuary. Most people probably aren’t aware of the amazing things Farm Sanctuary does for animals. Two woman wanted to change that (and to change the hearts of thousands). Jessica Johnson, media liaison at the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), and Meredith Turner, spokesperson for Farm Sanctuary, recently shared the amazing stories of the animals they saved. Prepare to have your heart melted.

1. Peter: Found by PETA during an investigation into animal cruelty at a Pennsylvania farm, Peter was in bad shape.

After: Because the farm was facing animal cruelty charges, PETA was able to purchase Peter and another male calf and send them both to a Cow Sanctuary.

2. Angie: This chick was rescued from an egg farm where she was left in a manure pit.

After: She regained full health and now lives at Farm Sanctuary.

3. Valediction: He was one of the racehorses at trainer Steve Asmussen’s stables at Churchill Downs, where his life was anything but awesome.

After: He now lives at a farm in Virginia.

4. Twenty-four Baby Turkeys: The turkeys were anonymously left at Farm Sanctuary with shorn beaks, various infections, and were too weak to stand.

After: Given love and attention, all 24 now live peacefully at the New York sanctuary.

5. Olivia: Unfortunately Olivia was found abandoned with only half a face.

After: She received medical care and surgery at Cornell until she finally healed and is doing much better.

6. Butterscotch: Among a group of 200 hens rescued from a slaughterhouse, Butterscotch had a serious blinding eye infection that was diagnosed as a cancerous tumor.

After: Upon removing the tumor, she regained her eyesight and lives her days at the sanctuary.

7. Riley: Riley was rescued from a New York livestock auction. Before being rescued, he was too sick to stand.

After: Despite regaining his health, he still slightly tilts his head due to trauma.

8. Lila: Found dying on a pile of dead animals at a backyard butchering facility, she wasn’t able to walk for more than four weeks due to anemia and parasites.

After: She received a blood transfusion at Cornell University Hospital for Animals and now lives with her boyfriend Elliot.

9. Elliot: Speaking of Lila’s boyfriend, Elliott was found roaming the streets of Brooklyn with a tag on his ear that read: MEAT.

After: Elliot had escaped from a live animal market and is now strong enough to be active.

10. Bean: Brought to Farm Sanctuary to receive life saving daily medical care and intense physical therapy, Bean would not have made it without the help of these people.

After: Bean made a full recovery and now lives at Farm Sanctuary’s Orland shelter.

11. Monet and Monisse: These two partners in crime were anonymously left at Farm Sanctuary’s New York Shelter. Their beaks were covered in sores, and they were justifiably terrified of humans.

After: Upon receiving proper care, they made full recoveries and still live at the sanctuary.

12. Ben: After spending six years in a kennel outside the Jambbas Ranch, a North Carolina roadside zoo, Ben was rescued by PETA and the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

After: He now lives at the Performing Animal Welfare Society in northern California.

13. Sunder: Sunder was rescued from a temple in Kolhapur, India, where he was chained in a dark shed and regularly beaten by his handler.

After: Sunder now lives in Bannerghatta Biological Park.

14. Opie: Neglected by his dairy producer owner, Opie was rescued by Farm Sanctuary’s president, Gene Baur.

After: Opie has become a staple of his farm and even leader of Farm Sanctuary’s cattle herd.

(H/T: BuzzFeed) The members of Farm Sanctuary could always use your help. If you’re interested in seeing more of their work, or even donating to the cause, please consider checking out their website. You’ll be glad you did. Share the Farm Sanctuary’s story with your friends below and help spread the word of their great work with animals.

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