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These 18 Kissing Animals Will Brighten Your Day, Guaranteed.

Are you having a rough day? Do you think nothing will get you through? We have the best solution to your problem. These 18 cuddly animals just can’t stop kissing their best buds, and we can’t get these smiles off our faces. Are you ready to have one yourself?

1.) Bambi has a friend.

2.) Smushiest kiss ever.

3.) Aww.

4.) “That tickles!”

5.) Woah. He’s huge!

6.) “Hi Mom.”

7.) “Wake up!”

8.) Young love.

9.) Flirty time.

10.) I think she has some peanut butter left on there.

11.) Oh, that’s awesome.

12.) Lé lick.

13.) Bath time.

14.) “Seriously, WAKE UP!”

15.) Nope nope nope.

16.) “Fix your hair for the photo, babe.”

17.) Yum yum yum.

18.) My cuteness meter is going berserk.

19.) I have NO words.

(via FullPunch)

If you don’t have a grin from ear to ear…well, you’re less human than these guys. They’re having the time of their lives, and now so should you!

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