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These 20 Photos Of Inter-Species Love Are The Best Thing You’ll See All Day.

Traditional family values have been questioned over the last fifty years in the United States, but we could all learn a thing or two about unconditional love from these animals. Unusual inter-species adoptions have been happening for years.

Although most of these occurred in captivity, they prove just one thing: love is blind.

Rex, the German pointer rescued a 4 month-old joey kangaroo at Bells Beach, Victoria, after its mother was killed by a car.

A lionness in Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda ate this orphaned antelope’s mother, but then treated it like one of her own cubs.

Rocky, a Great Dane, is inseparable from Cindy, an abandoned Roe deer fawn, at the Secret World Wildlife Rescue center in England.

After the death of her three kittens, Hiroko the cat became surrogate mother to two ducklings.

This kitten was raised alongside a litter of pigs in Norfolk, Great Britain. She even nursed with them.

Little Brown, a Jersey cow, nurses two newborn lambs in New Zealand.

A little spotted lamb was rejecte by its mother but found a friend in Zoe, a dalmatian.

Anna, a chimpanzee, helps raise puppies at a wildlife park near Daventry, England.

On an Iowa farm, Henrietta the chicken and Gertie the goose together adopted three ducklings.

Lion cub Zara’s parents at the Linton Zoo in Cambridgeshire had trouble coping with her, so she spent her childhood under the care of the zoo director’s cat, Arnie, before being sent to Uganda.

Mac, a border collie, comforted a litter of Vietnamese pot-bellied piglets that had been rejected by their mother.

Zookeepers taught Judy, an orphaned dog, to take care of an orphaned bush baby.

Solo, a tricolor border collie, takes care of baby tigers and hyenas at Seaview Lion Park in South Africa.

Murray the dog is a surrogate parent for three badgers at the Secret World Animal Sanctuary.

Auntie Mabel, a year-old hen, would hop into this basket of puppies every time their mother wandered off.

Sugar the cat’s owners snuck Chestnut, an sick baby squirrel, in with her litter of kittens. She loved him and helped nurture him back to health.

Jess the springer spaniel bottle-feeds orphaned lambs that can’t be fed by their mothers.

Valentine, a peahen, ended up raising a newborn gosling as her own after accidentally sitting on goose eggs.

Summer the rabbit helped raise an entire litter of abandoned kittens brought home by her owner.

Koa, a golden retriever, cares for the wild bunnies she discovered outside her San Francisco home.

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