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These 24 Dad Jokes Will Make You Slap Your Knee (But Feel Embarrassed).

Dads are famous for a few things. Knowing how to grill for every summer holiday, not getting along with their in-laws too well, and of course, dad jokes. We’ve all heard them (or at least you probably feel like you have)… but we still love them.

Sure, they’re embarrassing. They will make us facepalm occasionally, but deep down, every time we hear them we chuckle. Secretly, we even tell them when our dad isn’t around. So, re-up your dad joke arsenal with these awesome dad jokes:

1.) After all, safety IS first.

2.) It’s hard not to love this word play.

3.) Both options were okay.

4.) That. Is. The. Worst.

5.) Ummm, okay, dad.

6.) It’s so funny, I’m suddenly depressed.

7.) Not cool!

8.) This is how you start Monopoly rage.

9.) I STILL didn’t see it coming.

10.) *RIMSHOT*

11.) … well, he’s not wrong.

12.) I prefer this Jackson Five.

13.) Dads must have some global agreement to be lame.

14.) LOLOL.

15.) But where’s the middle secret?

16.) The greatest moment a dad has ever had…

17.) …GULP.

18.) I’d hope not.

19.) … OH jeez, I finally get it.

20.) UGH, EW.

21.) Good point, dad.

22.) I’m both sad and proud.

23.) Seriously mom, have a sense of humor.

24.) It’s hilarious. And delicious.

I hope my dad never wises up and gets a cell phone. That way, I can keep stealing his epic dad jokes and he’ll be none the wiser! Share this funny post if your dad is quick with the quip.

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