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These Adorable Animals Were Orphaned, But Found Family With Each Other.

When they were both just a few days old, Larry the lamb and Buddy the calf were both orphaned after losing their mothers. Now, six months later, the two are have become each others’ family and hate being apart. The love they have for each other is adorable enough to make you literally squeal with delight.

The adorable buddies live with the Fosters, the family who owns the farm in Hassop, Derbyshire in England where Buddy and Larry spend their days basically living out the cutest farmyard fairy tale ever. The world could learn a thing or two from these adorable friends.

The family tried pairing them with other mothers, but it never worked out.

So now, they have each other… and that’s all they need.

To these cuties, there’s nothing unusual about their friendship.

In fact, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

They fall asleep nuzzling their noses together every night.

My heart can’t handle this. Seriously.

And it’s this precious bond that saved them from the slaughter house.

(via Daily Mail.) 

The family explained that their hearts were so warmed by the sweet friendship that they can imagine ever getting rid of them. And who could blame them?

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