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These Dads Are Rocking Their Dad-dom Roles. Best. Fathers. Ever.

Sometimes, you can be such a dad, people don’t even need to see your children to know that you’re a father. Sure, some of it has to do with the tired look on your face and a certain understanding look of responsibility. Sometimes, though, people just emanate a “dad vibe.”

These dads have embraced their roles like no other. From embarrassing to endearing, they have this dad thing down.

So far, so good.

A dad is a dad for life.

That’s a wooly back, alright.

No better way to teach your son to log out of your Facebook account after leaving the computer.

So that’s why dads love power tools.

Don’t want to waste a napkin.

Unintentional selfie dad.

Putting the super in supermarket.

He must have kept working out during all of those years.


“I have the power!”

Better the statue than you as a child.

Still got it!

That is some serious dad strength.

I don’t think mom’s going to like this.


Way to keep your baby clean while giving it a great environment to nap in.

You two are stuck together, whether you like it or not, kid.

Playtime has never been so fatherly.

That looks about right.

(via BuzzFeed)

Wow. Those most be the World’s Dad-est Dads.

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