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These Tricky Divorce Settlement Stories Will Make You Rethink Signing Those Papers.

Marriage is tough, but divorce is even worse. Sure, most people getting a divorce will be happier because of it, but usually they’ll have less money, too. Divorce is a thing as tricky as marriage itself.

The settlements can be brutal and its not always because the two people hate each other. Often times, the lawyers take their time and prove their prowess. Unfortunately, they end up decimating the relationship and emotional well being between the families.

Here are some of the most brutal divorce settlements ever to reach court.

1.) David Tuterra’s Twins.

When Say Yes To The Dress’s David Tuterra divorced his husband, Ryan Jurica (ironic, I know) they decided to split up the twins they had fathered together with a surrogate. David took the daughter and Ryan took the son.

2.) Paid In Pennies.

A wife was expected to pay $50.12 for a divorce settlement. She left her husband with these bins of pennies and a note that read, “Andy, Here’s forty seven dollars and twelve cents in pennies, the other three dollars paid for the containers that I used. Receipt is included if you want to return them… I hope you have a fab life! B/C I know mine’s 20X better without you in it! Thank you!” Yeesh.

3.) A Man And His Goat.

In Australia a man bought his wife a goat for a pet. When they got divorced however, he was the one who got the goat in the end.

4.) The Most Expensive Divorce Ever.

Owner of the AS Monaco Football club, Dmitry Rybolovlev is estimated to be worth around 8.8 billion dollars. That all sounds nice, except for when he got divorced he had to give up 4.5 billion to his wife, making it the most expensive divorce ever.

5.) David Hasselhoff’s Weird Request.

When David Hasselhoff divorced his former wife, actress Pamela Bach, he wanted to made sure to secure his apparently trademarked term for himself “The Hoff”. It was very special to him, you see.

6.) A Cambodian Divorce

Moeun Sarim and Vat Navy of Cambodia decided to divorce after 18 years of marriage and during the settlement Sarim demanded half of the house. Using what I can only imagine was a comically large saw, the court made it happen.

I love my wife, but if I were to divorce her I feel like I would consider it a win as long I come out with the PS4. I can start a new life with the thing that most likely ruined my previous relationship in the first place.

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