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They Thought They Found A Mouse On Their Doorstep. But What It Really Was Destroyed Me.

A couple living in Bali, Indonesia, have a big soft spot for animals. They have six rescued animals living with them at home (including one dog they saved from certain death). So when a tiny animal showed up on their doorstep in need of help, they knew what they needed to do. The little creature was so small and frail, Shayna and Brandon thought it was a mouse. As it turns out, it was one of the smallest kittens they had ever seen… and she was abandoned.

The kitten’s mother had died and she was the only survivor of her litter.

A neighbor dropped her off with the couple.

They immediately took her in and named her Lilu.

In the beginning, they didn’t let Lilu out of their sight.

She even went out with them at night on ice cream runs.

At home, she loved being around their dogs.

They weren’t quite sure what to make of this tiny helpless creature just yet.

Lilu was so tiny, she required round the clock care and bottle feedings.

Needless to say, her new family fell in love with her quickly.

Little Lilu wasn’t gaining weight, no matter how much they fed her.

She was so tiny…

But she was strong.

They took her to the vet, not sure how to help her.

Sadly, one morning they woke up to her, lifeless. She peacefully passed away in her sleep.

Source: The Paper Pegasus

Princess Lilu wasn’t strong enough to make it, but in her final days she was given comfort, food, love and lots of snuggles. She was the happiest a tiny kitten like her could ever be.

Rescuing kittens this young is very risky. Mortality rates of kittens in such situations can be as high as 40%. Shayna and Brandon have such big hearts, we cannot thank them enough for what they did for Lilu, even though she still passed away.

Many cities like Bali often don’t have the resources to care for stray animals, so please visit Villa Kitty’s Facebook, a local cat shelter. They need support and by raising awareness of the homeless animal population in Bali, maybe more homes can be found for these innocent creatures.

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